Rehearsals for Janice Honeyman’s Pantomime, PETER PAN, kicked off this week (which means that the end of the year is HERE!), so I thought it would be a great idea to get to know some of the cast a bit better and introduce you to the people who’ll be bringing the fun, fantasy and fairy dust to the Mandela Stage at the Joburg Theatre this holiday season.

First up … it’s Tarryn Heard

G & T: What’s your role in this year’s Panto?

TH: I’m part of the Ensemble, and I’m also the Dance Captain.

G & T: I’ve always wondered … what does the Dance Captain actually do?

TH: The Dance Captain teaches the choreography, and acts as the go-between between the cast and the choreographer. We also keep a roster of all the spacing, so that we can keep track of it and any changes that need to be made. We monitor this throughout the rehearsal process.

G & T: What message would you like to convey to audiences through your performance?

TH: For me, Panto is about the magic and about going to the theatre and having fun. I want the audience to be able to sit back and have as much fun as they can with the show!

G&T: Let’s do some quickfire questions! Beach or mountains?

TH: Beach!

G&T: The movie or the book?

TH: Book!

G&T: Peanut Butter or Nutella?

TH: Nutella!

G&T: And do you eat it straight out of the jar, or do you spread it on a sandwich?

TH: Out of the jar for sure! Probably until I’ve finished the whole thing!

(G&T: I promise this isn’t a sponsored post, but Tarryn and I will both happily accept donations of any Nutella products that anyone may want to ‘gift’ us with!)

G&T: What is your spirit animal?

TH: I’m not sure if this counts, but I’d say Tigger! He’s ADHD, he’s ginger and he bounces all over the place!

G&T: What job would you be really terrible at?

TH: Teaching in a school! I do actually teach, but I couldn’t teach in a place where there are people who don’t want to be there … I’d be fired in a heartbeat! I prefer to teach people who are passionate about what I am passionate about! Hats off to teachers though, I have so much respect for them!

G&T: If you were stranded on a desert island with only 3 items, what would you want them to be?

TH: Sunscreen (I am a ginger!), a book (anything Dan Brown), a case full of chocolate. Ha! Loophole! ‘A case’ is technically ‘1 item’! (G&T: She’s 100% right … I like the way she thinks!)

G&T: What’s your favourite family tradition?

TH: My Mom was always BIG on birthdays, so all birthdays were a BIG event. I make the whole month leading up to my birthday into a big deal like my mom used to do. Same with Christmas. My love language is ‘Giving’. I really enjoy giving people gifts that I know will be meaningful to them – even if it’s not Christmas or their birthday. I’m now trying to instill this in my hubby Cameron too.

G&T: If you only had 5 minutes in a grocery store, what would you buy?

TH: I’d go straight to the baking aisle to buy everything I need to make choc chip cookies … AND extra Top Deck chocolate, because when you add that it tastes like fudge! (TOP TIP: Break up the Top Deck into chunks and mix into the cookie dough before baking. The white chocolate is the part that becomes melty and fudge-y and divine!)

Go to for show dates, times and ticket availability, or call the Theatre on: 0861 670 670.
Preview prices start at R130, regular prices start at R190. Student and pensioner prices are available.

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