GUEST POST: Marilyn in the Land of Lilliput

This is part of the #LargerThanLife Initiative … sharing stories, building our community, strengthening our souls. Meet Marilyn Cohen De Villiers ... a recognised South African author, best known for her well-loved Silverman Saga trilogy: A Beautiful Family, When Time Fails & Deceive and Defend (take a look at You'll see from reading Marilyn's... Continue Reading →

GUEST POST: Belinda is Authentic & Down-To-Earth, with Realistic Expectations

This is part of the #LargerThanLife Initiative ... sharing stories, building our community, strengthening our souls. Meet Belinda ... I have the privilege of knowing her, and she's one of those people who you realize, as soon as you meet her, is completely authentic, and down-to-earth. She has a lovely warm smile that immediately makes... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT ON… EDWARD BAKER-DULY  Hosted by Kate Normington

Wednesday 17 June at 20h00 (CAT) Live on &SCENE Promotional video for SPOTLIGHT ON… EDWARD BAKER-DULY – 17 June This week host Kate Normington shines a spotlight on the multi-talented EDWARD BAKER-DULY and the impressive journey he has traveled from South Africa to stages and screens in both England and the USA since heading overseas in 1995.... Continue Reading →

&SCENE Launches Exciting New Mid-Week Prime-Time Chat Show

SPOTLIGHT Hosted by Kate Normington Celebrating South Africans living abroad Flying the SA flag high in the international entertainment arena Wednesdays at 20h00 CAT from 27 May In an ever-evolving blueprint to increase captivating content for their online streaming platform, &SCENE are excited to launch their exciting new chat show SPOTLIGHT in their mid-week prime-time slot on Wednesdays at 20h00... Continue Reading →


Sa’ula pulls the ultimate blindside and sends Paul Smulders home In a game where scheming, manipulation, strategy and devious tactics are often the order of the day, being a genuinely nice guy doesn’t get you far. Paul Smulders discovered this on last week’s episode of Survivor SA when his Tribe, Sa’ula blindsided him at tribal... Continue Reading →

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