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Having not even had a single one-on-one date with Bachelor SA’s Lee Thompson, Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto clearly had something about her that kept her in the running for his heart, right down to Episode 10, the final four and those all-important family visits.

Could it have been her genuine, open, unwavering authenticity that she maintained throughout the show?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to chat with Jacquie, but I did send her some questions, and unsurprisingly got some blatantly honest responses …

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What were your first impressions on arriving at mansion?

After what felt like an eternity between opening the limo door, meeting with Lee, and trying not to fall over as I made my way into the mansion, my first impression was “wow”. It was all beautiful: Lee, the mansion, the ladies, the artwork and again, Lee! It was undeniably the most surreal experience of my life. I’ve watched the Bachelor US for years and as a viewer you always wonder just how nervous the ladies must have been, you try to put yourself in those ladies heels, what would you do? How would you feel? It was the most exciting experience of my life.  And about getting out of that limo, jumping out of a plane was easier. I promise.

Did you go in with any type of strategy? If so, did you adapt that strategy at any point? Did you think you’d make a mistake at any point?

I went in there with only one strategy and that was to remain as authentic and true to myself as possible. I know that some of the ladies went in with there own strategies and there were times where I wish I could have been a little more graceful and “put together”, it’s hard when you’ve been so vulnerable, when you’ve allowed yourself to be seen, deeply seen. The criticism hurts when true and honest sides to you are being attached. But at the same time, the love and support means that much more when you realize that people have seen and loved you just as you are.

Why did you enter The Bachelor SA – being a beautiful, strong woman, putting yourself in direct competition with other gorgeous, independent women? Your friend Kiki put this to Lee (brilliantly) when he claimed that you were all unique (he said it more than once, and she jumped on him for that!) – but seriously, it does take a while for each of you to get the chance to show Lee that unique-ness.

J-Pinto-The-BachelorYou know, I never looked at it as a competition, all the ladies were so beautiful, accomplished and unique. I often compared it to attending an event/bar/club etc. Based on first impressions, there are just some people you’ll connect with from the get-go and it has nothing to do with anyone competing. I’m of the belief that what is for you will never pass you by, I would often remind myself of this while in the mansion. It was never really a competition, Lee was either for me, or he wasn’t. With regard to Kiki and Lee’s (brilliant) conversation, it was incredibly difficult to show Lee that unique-ness, I wanted to show Lee every side to me, we’re all so multi-faceted so it was difficult to do this at times, and often frustrating with the time constraints. I believe that I showed Lee my Jax-ness as best I could.

Does your self-confidence take a bit of a knock?

At times your self-confidence definitely does take a little bit of a knock. But one thing I realized while living with the ladies was that what one lady did not like about herself or felt self-conscious about, another lady admired. It taught me 2 things, that we all have our moments of self-doubt and insecurities and that sometimes the parts of ourselves that we feel are hard to love are in fact our most beautiful parts.

You told your dad the experience was life-changing. In what way?

The experience was one of which I will never forget. I often compared the experience as looking into a mirror, sometimes even into a magnifying glass. You’re faced with yourself through the journey, often with parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable or vulnerable. At times you feel insecure, jealous, scared and then at other times brave, unique, and strong. Facing and learning to love each facet of myself was truly the most tough, amazing and rewarding experience of my life to date. I came to realize how important it is to Self-love. I went on this journey to find love, I found it in more ways than one.

Did this experience change your perception in any way of what you’re looking for in a partner, or of how you see yourself interacting with the people in your life in future?

I think it really just reinforced in me the importance of being open and vulnerable. I put shame and fear aside throughout this journey, which is why I was so forthcoming with my inner workings throughout the show. It’s the fear and shame of being judged or not loved for all that we are that prevents us from forming true connections. I was vulnerable and emotionally honest throughout, and I’m proud of that. I’m definitely now (more than ever) looking for a partner that can recognize this vulnerability as a strength and that accept and love me for all that I am.

All of the ladies have chatted at length about the friendships that they’ve created with each other. In fact, this was spoken about more than anyone even spoke about Lee!! But as was pointed out – you all spent a lot more time together than you did with him!! Do you agree? Do you think you’re all going to remain close friends?

It’s strange, it’s not that you expect to form friendships with the ladies when entering into an environment that is focused on vying for the same man’s attention, but somehow you do. The production team cast such phenomenal women and from the get-go bonding with these ladies was inevitable. I think the fact that we were all so isolated from the outside world and were sharing an experience that no one else in the country had experienced really bonded us. I know that I’ve definitely made friends for life with some of the ladies, we were each other’s strength throughout this journey, and I know that I’ve definitely made some forever friends.

I hope to have some parting words from Michelle Reddy for you before this week’s penultimate episode of The Bachelor SA, so watch this space! Yes, that’s right, just 2 episodes left!

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Thenji and Michelle.R have a dramatic confrontation and three women say goodbye on The Bachelor SA

This week’s hour-long episode of M-Net’s reality dating show The Bachelor SA delivered on all the drama, romance and adventure viewers were promised at the start of the season.

Graceful Belle and recipient of South Africa’s first-impression rose, Michelle Reddy, was called out on her lack of authenticity by feisty sports coach Thenji and later the whole house. Feeling attacked, the damsel stormed out of the mansion in tears and demanded to be left alone. “Being ambushed is not a nice feeling,” Michelle said. “I thought certain girls would stand up [for me]… and nobody did.”

The claws came out early at the mansion and the only person to take on Thenji was the show’s sweetheart, Gina Myers. While things were being shaken up, Sustainable Lifestyle brand owner and blonde bombshell, Kelly, was enjoying the first one-on-one date with her hunk, Lee Thompson. The two enjoyed a romantic tour around Lee’s hometown, Cape Town, and later relaxed on a yacht with the Mother City’s beautiful sunset as backdrop. During the date, Lee and Kelly developed a strong connection and also enjoyed some intimate moments, after which he presented her with a rose. Kelly returned to the mansion beaming, saying that “it feels like I’m falling fast and I don’t like it”.

Earlier that week, 10 lucky girls were invited on the very first group date – to a rugby field! “Play ball and you are in with a sporting chance,” the date card read. Lee invited Lucy, Annalene, Natasha, Jenna, Thenji, Milisha, Kerry, Shelly, Michelle.D and Mbali. who made it clear that she wasn’t very impressed to be invited to a sporting activity date. The girls were divided into two teams, “Peaches” and “Lee’s Angels” where they played a round of Zorb ball to win a breakaway date with their potential future partner, Lee. At the end of the game, Lee’s Angels (Lucy, Jenna, Thenji, Shelly and Mbali) came out strong and got the opportunity to get to know him better at a luxurious spa tucked away in the heart of Johannesburg.

The Bachelor 4

Lee & Kelly share their very own romantic ‘Titanic’ moment!

After a week of dates, drama at the mansion and Lee’s connections with some of the ladies growing deeper, it was time for the much-anticipated rose ceremony where Lee only had 17 roses to hand out – sending Milisha, Daneal and Lucy home.

The Bachelor SA is screened on M-Net Channel 101 every Thursday evening at 19:00 and is also available on Catch-Up. Fans can visit www.mnet.tv/thebachelorsaand follow all the breaking news and conversations around the show on Twitter @MNet / #TheBachelorSA and on the official M-Net Facebook page.


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