Showing appreciation with Sponsors of Brave: The Gratitude Season

Season 3 of Sponsors of Brave is now open for nominations! Calling all South African residents to the frontline! It's time to rally together to celebrate our Pharmacy heroes who have made our safety their priority during this global pandemic and beyond. Since the advent of the coronavirus, we’ve witnessed the unwavering bravery and strength... Continue Reading →

Hospital Heroes

Showing Gratitude - A much-needed movement to provide ‘lekker’ appreciation to our hardworking healthcare champions in the face of COVID-19 Hospital Heroes is a movement founded by three individuals, who saw the need to recognise and reward the Herculean efforts made by the frontline healthcare and medical staff at hospitals all around the country in... Continue Reading →


  It's a fair enough question right? I mean, do we really feel safe anywhere these days? And I'm talking both security-wise, and COVID-wise. Are the stores where you shop regularly truly doing all that they can to be COVID compliant? Do they go out of their way to ensure that you're safe when you... Continue Reading →

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