Artistry… Re-energising Sandton for a new generation

The rule of three applies in meaningful ways to so many areas of everyday life as far back as the three wise men. In nature, land, sea and air are a triad to be reckoned with. Earth, Wind and Fire are Motown icons. Even in the composition of a beautiful photograph, the rule of thirds... Continue Reading →

Reigning South African pizza champion Gino’s is back to defend its title

Gino Mazza and daughter Giulietta with the award they received last year for the country’s best pizza restaurant. South Africa’s best pizza restaurant - as voted by the publicReigning champion Gino’s is back to defend its title! Gino’s in Robertsham is something of a Johannesburg restaurant institution – an old favourite that has stood the... Continue Reading →

Patisserie Extraordinaire Just Teddy add kitchen theatre to their Hyde Park Corner store

Hyde Park Corner’s popular luxury patisserie, Just Teddy has expanded their store with the addition of Maison du Petit Four (House of the Petit Four), their new showcase kitchen centred around all things macaron and fondant, and you’re invited to see it all! An open concept kitchen shines a spotlight on every aspect of their inner workings,... Continue Reading →


  Arbour Café’s Valentine’s Evenings on Saturday, 13 February & Sunday, 14 February 2021 Are you looking for Johannesburg’s best kept secret? Then why not celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Evening outside under the fairy lights in Arbour Café’s courtyard on either Saturday, 13 February or Sunday, 14 February 2021. Arbour, situated in the heart... Continue Reading →

Come and Nosh at Nussbaums!

So as a Joburg foodie blogger who gets absolutely no opportunity to attend or blog about Kosher food – a little-known niche in Joburg’s wider foodie/blogging community, but something that I live and breathe every single day – I was pretty excited to see that local butchery, Nussbaums had invited two friends of mine, well-known... Continue Reading →

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