We’re getting closer and closer to the opening of Janice Honeyman’s PETER PAN PANTO! The more time I spend getting to know the incredible people behind this production, the more I’m convinced that it’s going to be one of the best things YOU can experience this holiday season! SANDI DLANGALALA is our main man … Peter Pan!

G & T: What’s your role in Peter Pan?

SD: Peter Pan

G & T: What message do you want to convey to your audience?

SD: That you don’t have to let your inner child die. Don’t be afraid to take a leap – just spread your wings and fly! Don’t let your fears get in your way.

Here are some quick-fire questions …

G & T: Pizza or Burgers?

SD: Burgers

G & T: Beach or Mountains?

SD: Beach

G & T: At home binge-watching series or partying all night long?

SD: Binge-watching at a party … all night!! (G & T: Ha Ha! I see what you did there!)

G & T: Who’s your favourite cartoon character and why?

(after a LOT of thought, pondering, consulting with Kiruna-Lind Devar and indecision!!) I have to go with Kids Next Door!! – I go down a deep worm-hole with that; fan theory sites and the whole background theory … EVERYTHING!!! The premise of the show is just brilliant! (G & T Disclaimer: I had NEVER heard of this! I had to go to good old Google for a look-see, and I’ll admit, it’s very, very clever!)

G & T: Who would play YOU in the movie of your life?

SD: Donald Glover – Childish Gambino (G & T: I see the similarity! Do you see it? Do you??!!)

G & T: How many times do you hit the Snooze button when your alarm goes off, or do you get out of bed immediately?

SD: Not more than twice, but I often do get out of bed immediately!

G & T: If you had only 5 minutes in a grocery store, what would you buy?

SD: Chicken, naartjies and/or oranges, Oreos, Basmati rice, broccoli, butternut (racing around that store!!) (G & T: Interesting combo there … not sure what he’s cooking up with all of that!)

G & T: What’s your favourite shower song?

SD: Mojo Pin by Jeff Buckley (not necessarily in the shower, but one of my all-time favourite songs!)

Don’t hesitate! Book your tickets NOW for Janice Honeyman’s Pantomime, Peter Pan!

Go to for show dates, times and ticket availability, or call the Theatre on: 0861 670 670.
Preview prices start at R130, regular prices start at R190. Student and pensioner prices are available.

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