Who’s one of the most famous pirates of all time? That’s right, it’s CAPTAIN HOOK! And you’re about to meet BEN VOSS who plays this very man in Janice Honeyman’s PETER PAN PANTO!

G & T: What’s your role in Peter Pan?

BV: Captain Jasper Henry Hooligan Hook

G & T: What message do you want to convey to your audience?

BV: Contemplating … I want them to see a Hook that is mischievous, bitter, disaster-prone. But I also want them to see fun, vibrancy and mischief!

G & T: Are you ready for a few quick-fire questions … ?

G & T: The movie or the book?

BV: Book

G & T: Pistachio or Salted Caramel?

BV: Pistachio

G & T: Morning person or Night owl?

BV: Night owl

G & T: Which superpower would you choose and why?

BV: Invisibility – as a kid I always wanted to be invisible so I could rob a bank, Now I’d rob a politician. It would be much easier … I’d just need to take whatever money I find hidden in their furniture!

G & T: Who would play YOU in the movie of your life?

BV: Jim Carrey – It would be a real honour

G & T: If you could time travel, would you choose to go into the past or the future?

BV: I’d go to the past – probably the ‘50’s – I mean, the outfits! The glamour of the ‘50’s and the morality of it all. It all seemed much clearer back then.

G & T: Do you have any irrational fears?

BV: Yes – I get anxious that I’m going to be scared and that fear will overtake me. (G & T: I actually find this to be completely rational!) And snakes!

G & T: You’re at an intersection and you look over at the car next to you to find the driver looking your way. What do you do?

BV: Smile and raise an eyebrow

G & T: If you could have dinner with any 2 people – living or dead – who would they be and why?

BV: Jim Carrey – I like him. I’d love to delve into his comic mind and creative genius … and my Mom (sadly no longer with us), just for her advice. I wouldn’t go for any of those great changemakers.

Don’t hesitate! Book your tickets NOW for Janice Honeyman’s Pantomime, Peter Pan!

Go to for show dates, times and ticket availability, or call the Theatre on: 0861 670 670.
Preview prices start at R130, regular prices start at R190. Student and pensioner prices are available.

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