We’re back! And today we’re talking PIRATES! Janice Honeyman’s PETER PAN Panto has AWESOME pirates: “No they’re not!” “Yes they Arrrrrrrrrre!!!” Today we meet the very friendly DIRK JOUBERT …

G & T: What’s your role in Peter Pan?

DJ: I play Starkey, Captain Hook’s right-hand pirate, but I’m a likeable pirate.

G & T: What message do you want to convey to your audience?

DJ: You can still choose to do good even when your peers are choosing not to.

G & T: Are you named after anyone? If not, how did your parents think of your name? Do you know what your name means?

DJ: After my father – exactly the same name – Dirk Arnoldus Joubert. It means ‘a dagger’, but normally ‘a natural leader’ ‘ a ruler of men’

G & T: If you’re cooking a meal for someone special, what are you making?

DJ: Definitely an oxtail stew – Jamaican style! And a baked salted caramel cheesecake!!!

G & T: What does everyone else seem to like that you can’t stand?

DJ: Avocado!

G & T: What’s the title of your autobiography?

DJ: I Showed Up … Unapolagetically!

G & T: What language would you like to learn to speak, and why?

DJ: Definitely French, just because I love the way it sounds, the rolled ‘rrrrr’ – it’s like music in language.

G & T: What’s the best gift you ever received?

DJ: Education from my parents – It’s set me up in life and made me the person I am and to be able to grow and push myself.

G & T: What’s your spirit animal?

DJ: A raccoon – I love them sooooo much! They’re so funny. They’re these little gremlins that steal people’s stuff and they’re so cute. I’m obsessed with them. I would love to have a racoon!!

G & T: What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

DJ: That I don’t have to attend every battle I’m invited to – basically to choose my battles wisely!

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