Week 2 of Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts

Of course you should be watching … and here’s why …

With the Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts Castaways are now clued into the fact that they’re playing for R2 million – and fuelled by a desire for redemption – they’re playing harder than ever before. With Chappies, PK and Tania already sent packing in the first week, alliances are shifting like the Sunshine Coast tide as the Castaways scramble to stay in the game. 

Five Reasons to watch Survivor South Africa this week: 

1)    When tarnished reputations and inflamed egos clash, there are plenty of fireworks. 

2)    Masu need to get their in-challenge communication issues under control, or more of their members face becoming pre-Merge boots and falling short of where they were in their previous seasons. 

3)    Talk of a Tribe Swap is in the air – and all the Castaways are manoeuvring to make sure they are well-placed to capitalize. Some may move too soon – while some will not move soon enough. 

4)    The most brutal challenge in Survivor South Africa history tests the Castaways to their physical and emotional limits – resulting in an emergency medical intervention.

5)    Is it possible to have a blindside blindsided by a blindside? The pace of the game and the pressure of paranoia sees a Castaway waste a golden opportunity to eliminate their tribe’s kingpin. 

Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts is broadcast Monday-Thursday on DStv’s M-Net Channel 101 each week until the Finale on 25 August, where South Africa’s richest-ever Survivor prize will be awarded. There’s also an omnibus broadcast on M-Net on Saturdays 15:30-19:30 and, of course, every episode is available on DStv CatchUp. For more about Survivor South Africa, visit the official website or follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  

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