TOGETHER by Zuko Sol New Web Series launches showcasing young entrepreneurs

First episode includes double single drop
Title song Together and Coffee in the Morning By Zuko Sol

Watch the first episode of TOGETHER Web Series HERE
Both singles – Together and Coffee In The Morning –
Out now across all digital platforms

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Zuko Sol launched an exciting new Web Series; TOGETHER, on Friday 27 August, a series that
will be showcasing young entrepreneurs, himself a 24-year old entrepreneur.

Episode 1 released this past Friday, entitled Coffee in the Morning and alongside that release, Zuko
Sol drops the two singles from the episode, the title track Together and Coffee In the

Both singles are now available across all digital platforms for streaming and downloading HERE along with Episode 1 of the Together Web Series.

Zuko Sol is a singer/songwriter, dancer, videographer and photographer and is driven by a strong desire to bring people together.

He sees himself as a true African child. Growing up in challenging circumstances in many group homes, his peers became his brothers and sisters and together they kept each other

The rhythm of Africa is in his body and the hope of the continent in his voice. He grabs any opportunity that comes his way, spending his nights researching everything that sparks a light within him and every day he works towards making something of himself.

Says Sol; “My heart is filled with music and I have a dream to bring people together.” This dream is realized today as, with Custom Content Collective, he launches his Together Web Series where he plans to bring fellow young entrepreneurs together, those also wishing to uplift their community as they work towards realizing their dreams and goals.

Says Matthew Marinus, Director of Custom Content Collective; “I’m thrilled to be able to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurship, songwriters and musicians in this new Web-series; Together. A big THANK YOU to the National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC) for buying into this concept and hopefully this will be a platform we can build on from”.

In Episode 1; Coffee in the Morning; he highlights Sihle from Sihle’s Brew who is passionate
about coffee culture and making a difference. Music and Coffee – bringing people together. To watch Episode 1, view HERE *

More episodes to follow in due course.


1. Together by Zuko Sol (ft. Siyolise Mkondweni)

Written by Zuko Sol and Siyolise Mkondweni and produced by Tjaart van der Walt, Together is an upbeat, catchy pop tune with African soul and vocal harmonies infused into it. It’s testament to Sol’s strong desire to bring people together and helping each other through life.

Says Sol; “I wanted to create a group where we could inspire and help each other grow. We
learn at Stageworx Performing Arts School to help each other as we don’t all have the same
skills so I wanted to take that energy and put it into a song.”

He continues; “This is my way of bringing the nation together, realizing we’re different
people but we’re stronger together than we are on our own. Let’s help each other get to a
better place.”

Together is now available for streaming and downloading across all digital platforms HERE

2. Coffee In The Morning by Zuko Sol (ft. Bo Molefi, Choonkie and Phil Higgins)

Zuko Sol wanted to create something funky and vibey with his fellow musician friends, something that everyone could relate to – and who can’t relate to ‘coffee in the morning’?

“Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, this is a song that can set a positive tone for the day,”
says Sol.

He explains that the song came together very organically as Bo, Choonkie and Phil joined him in the studio, along with producer Tjaart van der Walt; “Each artist brought their own unique vibe, styles and tones to the track, adding different flavours that resulted in this fun song. We start the day with a cup of coffee and we’re energized for the day.”

Sol continues; “I wrote Coffee in the Morning because I wanted people to have a beautiful day filled with positive energy. I had so much fun in studio and I hope the listeners have just as much fun.”
Coffee In The Morning is now available for streaming and downloading across all digital platforms HERE

* With special mention to The National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC) for supporting the project
and SAMRO for making the release of “Together” possible.

Connect with Zuko Sol on Social Media:

For more information on Custom Content Collective, head to their Website
For more information on Sihle’s Brew, head to their Website
For interview requests, please contact Collett Dawson from The CoLab Network on

Photo credits: Matthew Hudson

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