Sxeeps and Natasha Meister Collaborate on Intimate, Spiritual Single “Holy Ghost”

Holy Ghost is available now on all major digital streaming platforms:

SXEEPS releases intimate single Holy Ghost with Natasha Meister from forthcoming album Ghost WriterFollowing the national success of “Why Won’t you Lie to me” with Nathan Ro has now collaborated with Natasha Meister, an incredible musician whose unique voice and abilities illustrate her complete passion for her craft with every note she plays.
Holy Ghost is about intimacy and forgiveness. Despite all the flaws and mistakes, she is accepted and loved. Holy Ghost uses the metaphor of spirituality and religion to show how close she feels to the person she is singing to. Even though mistakes are made, she is forgiven. A story of compassion and unconditional love. The acceptance she receives in return carries the sentiment of heaven’s door.
The inspiration for the song came from the desire we all feel. The need to belong the need to be loved. Every single one of us is flawed, n body is perfect and we all make mistakes. For people to truly accept you even after they know everything about you, the good the bad and the ugly. That to me is true love!” – Sxeeps expresses what Holy Ghost means to him.
2017, at a song writing camp in Magaliesburg, Sxeeps wrote this song alongside Natasha and Lula Faye Hurdus. The melody is beautifully crafted and Meisters vocals effortlessly bring the song to life over acoustic guitar and piano before the bass and drums give the tune “Punch”.
Sxeeps takes us into the moment of when this song was created – “The heat was sweltering that weekend and the songs that were created had some kind of charm and mystique about them. It’s one of those songs that we knew had something, but we were writing songs to pitch to other artists, we never imagined that we would release the song ourselves. But somehow, the universe conspired in our favour.
Holy Ghost is the second single from Sxeeps upcoming album Ghost set to be released in September 2021 with a collection of artist collaborations. The songs from this album were written with the intention to be performed, recorded and released by other artists. Sxeeps was only meant to be a ghost-writer but has decided to take a leap of faith, and release them under his own artist project Sxeeps.
There is something magical in rediscovering things you already have. Like that R50 in your pocket that you forgot about or that slab of chocolate that you couldn’t find weeks ago under a book on your table. I worked laboriously at putting these songs together It’s taken years to compile, each Song is different, each one has a story to tell. Every single one of these songs to me contains a captured moment in time. A Delivery and performance that is rare and difficult to capture. These were the song I could not let go…” – Sxeeps on the upcoming release of Ghost Writer.
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