Fighting fire with fire fans the risk of going down in flames

Some of the Castaways find themselves playing with fire to keep their flame alight in the game on this week’s episode of Survivor SA: Immunity Island (Thursday 1 July, 19:30 on M-Net). Idol chatter dominates the conversation at one camp and a protector seemingly switches allegiances at the other, as another jaw-dropping challenge twist throws the game into disarray.

Reasons why you don’t want to miss Episode 5:

  • Can a Castaway prove that a piece of parchment is as good as a Hidden Immunity Idol?
  • A game-changing advantage which could guarantee safety for one Castaway over a long period, is up for grabs.
  • A ‘whoopsie’ could seal the fate of the Castaway who betrayed an alliance member’s trust.
  • Unsolicited information keeps rolling in to one Castaway, giving them a clear view of the puzzle pieces at both camps.
  • An inquest during Tribal Council threatens the stability of a tribal majority who were seemingly clear on their plan before they arrived to cast their votes – will the whispers upset the game plan?

Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island is produced by Afrokaans in partnership with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) and hosted by Nico Panagio. Catch each exciting episode on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) on Thursdays at 19:30. Visit the M-Net Website for exclusive show content and join the conversation on TwitterInstagram and Facebook using #SurvivorSA and #mnet101.


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