Fun Living ensures your kids will have fun while they’re learning!


“During the Covid-19 Pandemic we found that the quality of toys available was not great and certainly didn’t stimulate the mind of our child for long periods of time, or last sufficiently after repeat usage. It became our goal to find quality toys that we would be glad to have our child play with,” says Melissa Matthee about her experience trying to entertain her busy young daughter during South Africa’s lockdown last year.

Founded in 2020, Fun Living is a toy company dedicated to sourcing top-quality, fun and educational toys for young children that can be used over and over again. It’s owned and run by Melissa, a mom who fully understands what types of toys are enjoyed by both parents and their children. She has carefully curated this collection of toys so that whatever is available will engage your child and shape their skills and development all while they’re busy at play!

Fun Living is the sole importer of Toi™ – unique products of superior quality and longevity, essential requirements which are very much needed in the South African toy market.

Here is just a small selection of what’s available from Fun Living. For the full range, visit their website at


Sudoku 4+

Start boosting the brainpower of your little genius with this magnetic Sudoku puzzle.

Teaches patience and improves memory. Double-sided magnetic pieces and advanced cards with progressive levels of difficulty, so that children’s logical thinking ability can be gradually improved.


Logic Box 3+

Each theme has a different methodology but the same thought process. The aim is to get from one point to another or fill in the space with the available pieces. Magnetic and folds away into a neat box.

Focus: Concentration, Planning and problem-solving.


Find It Out 3+

Day and night double-sided play.

Daytime: Find all 3 patterns on the card at the fastest speed among 180 patterns and mark them with a suction cup. The quickest player can get a small medal.

Nighttime: Use a small flashlight and quickly find the 3 patterns on the card and the quickest player gets a small medal.


Magnetic Shape Puzzle Box 3+

Based on 6 childhood development skills: Hand-eye-brain coordination; language ability; logical combination ability; meanings of sequence and order; and fine motor skills.

This shape puzzle allows children to develop these skills on a beginner basis, with more advanced options that challenge their skills.


Glow in the Dark Puzzles 3+

Animal Traffic Glow in the dark 96 piece Puzzle. 1 puzzle, 2 visual effects. Kids can enjoy the different fun during the day and night. Just put the puzzle in the light for a minute then put it in a dark place to enjoy the night-time magical effect. The puzzles are made from superior quality materials that last and last.



Through games, children can constantly improve their abilities during playing to achieve the effect of edutainment.

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For any further information, contact Melissa Matthee on 076 787 7860 or

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