My family is big.

My family is loud.

My family is extremely competitive!

We used to love playing to original classic UNO but hadn’t played in quite some time – years in fact! So when the opportunity arose to try the new version: UNO Flip!, we jumped at it with great enthusiasm!

Maybe you’re wondering how you actually modify or try to improve on a game that is so popular and well-loved, and you’re already sceptical and thinking: “Why even try?” Well, we should always be moving forward, learning, evolving and improving, and that’s exactly what Mattel have managed to do with UNO Flip!. If you think that introducing double-sided cards surely can’t change up the game that much then think again!

Yes, the cards are double-sided! If you’re an Uno lover then you’re used to the ‘light’ side but along comes UNO Flip! … welcome to the ‘dark’ side!! Talk about a mind-blowing, fast-moving game-changer. And it’s not like you flip them over and they’re the same, no, no, no … different colours, different cards!

I’m not going to go into a whole explanation of how to play the game. If you’ve played UNO, then you know basically how this game works. The premise is the same, with a few upgrades and twists – cards that might make the suggestion “not to play with your loved ones” necessary. But then again that’s what makes it all in the spirit of good fun!

Apart from all the competitive banter that goes with the game, this is an excellent, fun educational tool – best of all, your kids won’t even have a clue that they’re doing something educational! It’s great for teaching them quick-thinking analytical skills. My kids (ok, granted they’re teens who just love outsmarting their mom!), just love getting the better of me! I’m not a fast thinker – my cognitive skills are not as sharp as theirs, to be honest (don’t tell them I told you!), and that’s probably one of the reasons they love playing the game with me!

It goes without saying that this is the perfect game for a games night with friends and extended family and I’d suggest buying another pack if you have 10 or more people playing.

Welcome to your new favourite game!

Remember … don’t forget to shout UNO!


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