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MASTIK was established in Israel in 1999, and has provided superior women’s fashion across the globe ever since. MASTIK serves retail chains in both domestic and international sectors by providing trendy clothing designs and quality manufacturing services. MASTIK’s popularity has grown as a result of competitive pricing, prompt and accountable customer service, professional support and dependable order delivery. MASTIK’s ethos is quite simply to exceed the customer’s expectations by providing a combination of outstanding customer service and unique fashion apparel.

In a strategic effort to expand globally, MASTIK partnered with a fine knitting factory in China in 2003. This partnership has resulted in a highly efficient production core ensuring that each garment is inspected to meet MASTIK’S impressive quality standards.

MASTIK welcomes each new season with original, eclectic styles and exciting fabrics to delight a diversity of tastes: florals, prints, Africanised motifs and popular single coloured textiles. The MASTIK team is proud to offer garments that provide both beauty and comfort in sizes 1 to 5 with a promise that every woman will walk tall in her fabulous MASTIK choice.

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Mona & Limor (MASTIK CEO) – Photo Credit: Jason Crouse

The Faces of MASTIK:

MASTIK items are available at numerous retail outlets, but it’s an eye-opener to visit the hub of the business, which is run from the midst of quiet Johannesburg suburbia. It’s here that you’ll be welcomed by the warm and bubbly Mona. And if you’re looking for just the right outfit to suit any occasion, even if it’s just for a lazy day at home (yes, I know we’ve had far too many of those lately!), then Mona’s open, honest opinion is just what you need. She tells it like it is, and knows immediately, just by looking at you and chatting to you for a couple of minutes, what will suit you.

CEO, Limor is very much involved in the everyday running of things, and shows a keen interest in all the clients who are coming and going throughout the day. In between her consistently daily jam-packed schedule of orders and deliveries, she’s always ensured that she remains a familiar and frequent presence in her shop-space.

Did You Know? MASTIK caters for an extensive range of sizes … Plus-Size too!

Many people are still unaware that MASTIK clothing ranges all the way up to a size 5, but I was really surprised to hear about how many women come in to shop for clothing, insisting that they’re a size 2 or 3, when it’s quite obvious that they’re a 4 or 5! Limor and Mona both assured me that this happens more often than you’d think!

Plus-size ladies, why would you sabotage yourselves like this?! Don’t you want to wear clothing that’s comfortable as well as stylish? These are such gorgeous garments. Why would you want to purchase one (or more) that isn’t the right size or fit for you? Do you really feel happy when you buy an item of clothing that you know … deep, deep down … doesn’t show you off as well as it could or should?

My advice to you is this: pay MASTIK a visit (you can even tell them I sent you). Be openly honest about the size you think you are, and then listen to the suggestions that Mona gives you – she has so much experience in what she does. She really does know what she’s doing, and she does it well! Remember, things look completely different when you wear them, than they do on the hanger! So if you’re offered an item to try on that you’d never even consider, give it a try. You never know, it might look stunning! Keep an open mind.

I love every MASTIK item I’ve every bought, and I know that this is somewhere I can shop with confidence, knowing not only that they’ll have clothing in my size, but that these will be garments that are stylish and trendy, and that I will love wearing again and again!

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All clothes worn in these photos have been provided by MASTIK

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