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When you meet Clarice, it’s difficult to imagine that she once had no self-confidence, as she describes below. She’s bubbly and friendly and so clearly comfortable in her own skin. But as many of us on the plus-size journey know only too well, getting to that point is often a series of hard-fought challenges and hurdles. Clarice has successfully overcome hers, and today the message she most wants to share is that people should stop worrying what others think of them, and especially what they tell them to think of themselves! “You do you!” And reach a place where you can be happy with yourself as you are.

Please tell me a bit about yourself … married, single, kids, job, hobbies, favourite foods, favourite series binges? However much or little you want to let me know is absolutely fine. 

Hi, my name is Clarice Boraine. I’m married and have one step-son aged 21 years of age who lives at home. I work as a receptionist. My favourite food is seafood. My weakness is potato chips and biltong! I love movies with dancing and singing (me too – I wish they’d make more!), as well as love stories.

I went through many years of depression and no self-confidence, until I started a small church where I did lots of studies on the Word of God. I did a course called Foundations that teaches so much about the Bible. I would recommend this to all Christians. I grew in strength and got closer to God. I became much more positive and started loving myself, as I realized that I am who God made me. This changed my life and today I am self-confident and accept who I am.

Focus instead on your talents and the things that you do well.

What size clothing do you usually wear? If you could let me know according to the S, M, L, XL etc. chart, and also the 16, 18, 20 etc. chart, that would be great!

My size is XXL or XXXL and size 24 to 26. It depends on cut and fabric. I don’t like clothing that is tight on me.

Where do you usually shop for clothes? Where would you LIKE to shop for clothes, but can never find stuff in your size?

I used to buy from Donna Claire (Donna), but it started getting very expensive. I like to buy when there are specials. Now I buy from the Chinese shops. Ackerman’s is also not bad if they have my size. Otherwise there is Edgars. Milady’s as well but they’re also very expensive.

What do you consider to be a reasonable price to spend on clothes?

  • A casual T-shirt  R200
  • A pair of jeans    R300
  • A smart blouse  R400
  • A jacket    R850
  • A pair of shorts  R200  

What frustrates you the most when you need to shop for an item of clothing? (This can be as many things as you want to list – it doesn’t need to just be one thing!)

When there is something you love but they don’t have your size. Items say “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” … REALLY???!!! 

Do you only shop for clothes when you specifically need something, or do you browse and buy things as you see them if you find things that will fit you?

I only shop when I need something. But I love to browse and look at what’s new.  

Are there any particularly awful shopping experiences that you’d be willing to share?

I really have not had any awful experiences. 

If you had the opportunity to talk directly to retailers about the way they make and market clothes for Plus Size women, what would you say? This can be anything from a few words to a long rant, if you’d like to really have your say! 

So many retailers only offer certain styles that they deem to be ‘plus-size appropriate’. What I would really love is if there wasn’t a limit in the choice of clothing. There’s been a forever-long misconception that plus-size women should dress a certain way. Let us dress however we feel comfortable, even if it’s in horizontal stripes! We get told not to wear shorts, or to hide our curves, or not to wear anything too form fitting. If we feel like wearing it, so be it .. why not? What makes us different?

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