GUEST POST: Belinda is Authentic & Down-To-Earth, with Realistic Expectations

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IMG-20200731-WA0021Meet Belinda … I have the privilege of knowing her, and she’s one of those people who you realize, as soon as you meet her, is completely authentic, and down-to-earth. She has a lovely warm smile that immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease. In addition to answering my questions (below), she also told me that she’s been on a long journey of intuitive eating, and although she’s gained weight through this process, it’s definitely changed her life for the better in so many ways. She’s now trying to learn to accept her new (normal body.


Please tell me a bit about yourself … married, single, kids, job, hobbies, favourite foods, favourite series binges? However much or little you want to let me know is absolutely fine. 

My name is Belinda Abramowitz and I am a wife and mom to 2 boys. The oldest is 5 and my little one is 2. I am a teacher currently teaching Grade 6 girls. I enjoy eating most foods but I really love fresh bread with butter!

What size clothing do you usually wear? If you could let me know according to the S, M, L, XL etc. chart, and also the 16, 18, 20 etc. chart, that would be great!

I am usually size 16. And XL. In some items I might need 1 size larger.

Where do you usually shop for clothes? Where would you LIKE to shop for clothes, but can never find stuff in your size?

My favorite clothing store is Woolies! I also like PnP clothes and sometimes Superbalist
Plus-Size Range. I would love to wear Cotton On clothes but I find the fit is tiny!

What do you consider to be a reasonable price to spend on clothes?

  • Casual T-shirt – R200
  • A pair of jeans – R400-R500
  • Dress – R300-R400
  • Smart blouse – R300-R400
  • Jacket up to – R1000
  • A pair of shorts – Don’t wear shorts

What frustrates you the most when you need to shop for an item of clothing? (This can be as many things as you want to list – it doesn’t need to just be one thing!)

What frustrates me the most is that sizes are so different everywhere. As I said, I’m a size 16, but that might be too big somewhere or too small elsewhere. So it’s either a lot of time in the change room or a lot of online shopping returns.

Do you only shop for clothes when you specifically need something, or do you browse and buy things as you see them if you find things that will fit you?

I like to browse and buy clothes as I see them.

Of course this isn’t the kind of costume Belinda’s talking about, but she’s still a SuperMom! 🙂

Are there any particularly awful shopping experiences that you’d be willing to share?

I find costume shopping awful!!!! I usually have to get many different sizes and by the end of it I’m sweating and miserable and have probably settled for something quite
average. Recently, I went to a boutique for a costume and the experience was positive
and wonderful. [I asked Belinda, what she’d paid for this costume in comparison to ones she’d bought previously in more mainstream stores. She said it was approximately 3 times the price of those. So far, she’s only worn it for one December holiday, but she reckons it will last for quite a few seasons as it’s really good quality. I would also imagine (and this is my own opinion) that it probably fits a lot better than those other costumes, and that she feels great in it!]

If you had the opportunity to talk directly to retailers about the way they make and market clothes for Plus Size women, what would you say? This can be anything from a few words to a long rant, if you’d like to really have your say! 

I would say that they should have many more options for Plus-Size and that each store
should have a Plus-Size section.


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