I finally got to see the delightful production of Seussical that’s currently on stage at The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City. If you don’t have your own child as an excuse to go along and see the show, don’t stress … you don’t need one! Just take your own inner child and enjoy! I smiled for a solid hour, from the very first minute that this bursts onto the stage in all its dynamic, vibrant glory. Each and every performer gives their heart and soul to their performance, contributing to the overall warmth and sincerity of the production. It’s completely unpretentious and achieves what it sets out to do: it relays the magical fantasy world of Dr Seuss to adoring fans, both old and new. Very young audience members may not follow the whole story but it really doesn’t matter. They’ll be mesmerised by the constant activity on stage, swept up in the catchy tunes and enchanted by the inventive use of the basic lighting and props.

I cannot single out any one cast member. They’re all equally compelling and exceptional. Mention does need to be made though, of Rowan Grant Bakker who has stepped into the role of Horton. He does an absolutely sterling job! Drew Bakker takes over as music director, and the role switch has been seamless and smooth for all – an indication of the consummate professionals that the entire cast and crew are.

Seussical cast

There are just 7 more opportunities to see Seussical:

Friday 10 January at 12pm and 2pm

Saturday 11 January at 10am, 12pm and 2pm

Sunday 12 January at 12pm and 2pm.


[Photo credits: Mariola Biela]

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