To the Mom who Judged My Kid’s Clothes

I’m horrified, and I’m sad, so, so sad that we live in a world where there are mothers who think that they have the right to judge other mothers purely by the pricetags on the clothes they buy for their kids!! How dare this awful bitch even speak to you?!?! Who the hell did she think she was?? She was damn lucky I wasn’t standing anywhere in the vicinity of that conversation because sure as nuts I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut. I just feel very sorry for her poor children. Imagine what terrible lessons they’re learning from a mother like this!?


20160329_175012I went Winter shopping for the boys this weekend. Taking Monster with me, we made it an outing experience.

We compared jerseys to each other, commented on the colours and bought the ones he liked the most. Monster really enjoyed making decisions on his own items and seemed impressed with some of his new t-shirts with his favourite action figures.

While standing in the aisle at PnP to pay for some last minute groceries, I noticed you standing behind me with your teenage son and pre-schooler, staring at the parcel in my hand. I didn’t think to give it much thought and carried on chatting to Monster.

Your words at me were, “Winter shopping time, hey.” I smiled and nodded in response. She smiled back at me and remained silent. I turned back to Monster as he showed off his brand new cars to me.

The next thing you said…

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