Not one blog, but two!

Sometimes (surprisingly), I do have things to share that are not book related, and so I have decided to create a new blog, separate from my blog!

So here it is, Glitter and Toast! Yes, I know it’s a strange name, but it gives a pretty apt description of the variety that makes up the spice of my life. There are my everyday, mundane ramblings – the normal stuff that makes up the hectic day of a mother of four kids of very varying ages … the toast.


And then there are my random forays into more exciting exploits: my love of theatre, and my regular visits and interactions with all things related to it; my social media mania; and many other little gems of life that arrive to uplift me from my regular routine … the glitter!


Both the glitter and the toast are vital to my existence, the yin and yang of my very being.


I wish you all balance, and enough strength to get through difficult times when the balance might not be maintaining the equilibrium you want or need.

And I hope you enjoy the ramblings of a chaotic, busy, everyday mom.

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